Cook pots - large sized for big groups.

My 50 year old (literally) cook pots have reached retirement age and I am looking for some new pots. What I really want is two pots - one about 5 liter or so and one smaller plus a fry pan. I have been looking around and honestly I can’t find pots that are fairly light weight and that have a bail. They all seem to have fancy handle affairs of one kind or another. I cook on fire and sometimes stove. I like a bail on my pots.

Suggestions? Does the new anodized aluminum stuff work well over a fire?

is this what you’re looking for?

granite wear

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Hard to beat the old time granite wear for low priced camp cookware, IMHO. There are usually some good deals on them on eBay. Like this:

Heavier duty, and even for the price plus shipping this stainless copper-bottomed Revere Ware is a darned nice big pot that would last for decades. The handle on the side and flat bail would make it very easy to control.

My parents gave me a set of that copper bottomed Revere Ware when I moved out on my own for college nearly 50 years ago and I still have them.

EDIT: There are several of those steel copper-bottoms on eBay. Found a Sears version for $40.

Lamda Chi Beta …

Aluminum causes brain malfuntions.