Cookes Canoe Spraycovers????


I am considering getting a cookes or a northwater spaycover for my YS Solo.

I would want it really just for use in mild whitewater to prevent water from swamping the boat in wave trains or when playing around when water may come over the gunwales from the side.

I am NOT interested in using it fully buttoned up like a kayak spray skirt, but rather would want it just to cover up the deck to the thwarts maybe, leaving a large opening in the middle.

How would it would it work for this application? The YS solo is not a whiteater boat and does tend to let a lot of water enter the boat. This seems like it might help.

Any thoughts on the cookes vs. northwater?



I have one and it is great for
stopping water like paddle drip or rain.I’ve wondered what it would do if plowing though waves.It is attached with snap-ons every foot or so and fits fairly tight.

You might want to
check this:

You could also do a search on that site using the keyword “spraycover”.

Call Dan Cooke
He has fabricated two “half covers” for several customers that appear to fit your description. Top-quality work, too.