cooking carp

I’m told to cook carp in peanut oil to break down the bones. I’m thinking about trying to cook in lard in a pressure cooker to get it hot enough.

What works best?

pressure cooker
just water might do the trick in a pressure cooker. Canned salmon has bones in it, and the are mush - you can eat them. And thats just pressure cooked in water.


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A friend used to smoke them and they were pretty good. You just need water, no oil in a pressure cooker. I knew one guy that pressure cooked shad and they are bony also.
Personally I would fillet, skin and remove the mud line before cooking.
Plug in carp recipes on your search engine.

Survival recipe
The Bear Grillis and Les Shroud way. Pull the intestine out and chow down.

I like mine raw and wrigglin

I’ve tried pressure cooking for an hour in water and it doesn’t soften the bones much.

I next tried frying in lard and the taste is great but there are many fine bones!

Make patties like you would salmon.

I eat salmon right from the can.

I guess the best way to cook carp is to fry for a long time in lard. The taste is really quite good, just boney.

They are hard to skin! Do any of you know a good way to pull the skin off?

Recipe for Carp

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1 4" x 10" Pine Board soaked in water
1 Onion Sliced in rings
1 Green Pepper Sliced in rings
1 Peach or apple sliced
1 Carp (cleaned)

Lay Onion and pepper rings on board
Lay Carp on board over veggies
Use toothpicks to fix friut slices to top of fish
Preheat oven to 375
Place pine board directly on oven rack and bake for 25 to 30 minutes or until fish is flaky.
When done, remove fruit from fish, remove fish from board.
Place fruit on board.
Discard fish and eat the board

Also works on bluefish and suckerfish.

So true
I think the recipe above is the best so far!


cooking carp
My father said many years ago, to cook it on a pine board till it is done all the way through, throw the carp away and eat the board. He hated carp.

we’re so spoiled
we don’t want to eat crap, er carp. It can keep you alive if you’re starving, but most people don’t like it.

Carp can live a long time in some polluted waters, so do check local advisories. Also, remove the skin and any red muscle, fatty tissue & belly meat. Always try to eat the smaller ones - more likely to be younger fish and less likely to accumulate PCB’s etc.