I did a search and didn’t find anything in the archive. Here’s my question: What type of cookware do you use when kayak camping? I have tried the cheapo set from Wally World…it sucks. Then I bought a Coleman non-stick skillet with a fold-up handle…it sucks…the coating came off the first time I used it.

I want to buy a good quality cookware set. There are sooooo many, and I don’t have a clue.

Any suggestions?



MSR Blacklite Gourmet

This is what I’ve been using and works great, is light and affordable…

I finally got a titanium set a few years ago and have been happy with this product. Good non-stick surface, quick to cool when done heating & light weight. These pots will deform from impact but can be easily re-shaped. I recommend them.

If weight matters and distribution of

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heat is important Sigg made (makes?) a composite cookset, black aluminum on the outside, stainless on the inside and gets about 90 % of the weight savings of titanium over stainless.The weight of a two pan set is within about 5 grams of titanium, and it is non-scorch non-scratch.

Otherwise any all stainless cookware is fine and still light weight. The MSR gear recommended above is quite fine, with a small fire and a twig fire on top you can bake bread in it.

I come fron a backpacking background. I'm there to hike, paddle, relax, breathe, and see, eating is very secondary. I do pack mushrooms from chinatown, tons of dehydrated veggies and cheese, good pasta, dates, pistachios, ...decent enough food but not really too flash (after the frozen food I've packed has thawed and been eaten).

Some folks pack cast iron baking and frying pans when they canoe. They like good fresh bread in the backcountry.

Takes all kinds.

best outdoor cookware ever built
Check out the Trangia stoves ( US distributor Can be fitted with both gas and other types of burners. Nothing comes close to it when it comes to an allround outdoor stove. For 50 years it has been the number one choise for outdoor cooking as well as special forces units around the world.

Trangia still makes composite pans

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You'll never go back to titanium if you use those. They must be thinking!

I'd still put up an MSR XGK agains most stoves but to each their own. The XGK is ungodly loud though, The gas burner in a westwind base fron trangia does look nice. I'm not familiar with the field maintainability of trangia gas units. I assume if the military uses them they are maintainable.

I’ve got a 5 year old set of basic MSR Blacklite pans (not sure what the “Gourmet” line is). The skillet is finally starting to lose its coating, but even with thousands of scratches (from many, many, many uses) it still works.

Observation: This stuff isn’t high-end cookware. The coating isn’t nearly as durable as my All-Clad non-stick skillet that I Use in the kitchen. But for the amount of use it gets, it’s just fine. Just make sure you use plastic utensils on it and it’ll serve you well for quite some time.

Here ya go…

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I use…

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A SVEA stove, you can find it in a catalog or on line at It is called (in the catalog): Military 5 piece cook set, but in the real world it is called a “SVEA” Alpine stove.

Me and my friends have been using these for sometime now & they work great!! It all stores into a 7x9x4 (roughly) aluminum cookpot, and comes with a 2-quart pot and a lid (plate), stove, windbreak & fuel bottle. They run off denatured alochol (very inexpensive). And they are considerably light for their size, about 34 ounces. They aren’t the fancy “fold up, stick in your shirt pocket” propane/butane stoves, but can cook up a good meal in afew minutes.

They are “VERY” inexpensive (BUT very durable, mine gets thown around in my pack or slid around in my kyack unrelentlessly), 3 stove sets for $15 on the “sale pages” or around $7 each.

I own two of them. On the bottom of the “stove part” it is stamped SVEA. The ones I have run off of denatured alcohol ($1.35 per gallon, and lasts forever). Go back to & look up part # ZRW-170 Military 5 piece cook stove.

Check it out, They work!!


Does size matter?
For me, it does. This year I bought a Snowpeak ti cookset (small pot, pan, cup–all with folding handles). The pieces all nest together, and my stove fits inside. I haven’t used it enough to comment on long-term durability.

Here are some more…

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I can’t believe your search came up with “nothing”…

Paddle easy,


I recomend the MSR Blacklite as well, works great and cleans up easly!

My husband and I have two now. They cook rice good.


Yikes!! Sticker shock!
I’m an old curmudgeon, but I thought I was getting over it when I went with an expensive, solo cook kit (GSI Bugaboo) and got rid of my garage sale special. I had a hard time getting over that I spent $20. Your cook kits costs more than my tent!

I have this cookset and am very happy with it. The search ended when I found it. At 20$ you got a great price on it…kim

GSI Hard Anodized Boiler…
I have this GSI cookset and I really like it. It’s light weight, small, just the right size to fit my stove and utensils, etc. Just for reference, I use either a MSR Whisperlite International or a homemade alcohol stove. Both stoves fit inside with no problems. I just can’t store the MSR fuel botte inside it.

I also own the MSR Blacklite Gourmet set that a couple of people have mentioned. It too is a great set, but I’ve found it to be a little to big if going solo. Same as the GSI, I have more than enough room to nest my stove inside.



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I thought so too. They do not make it anymore and it only sold for 62 yen in Japan.

The other things are nice.


Kinda funny, I’ve seen that same set in.
Cheaper than Dirt for $15… LMAO!! Well, it was identical except for two things:

  1. The label
  2. The price tag

    Paddle easy,


they all are great
if you dont overheat. my sigg tourist is 30 years old, i like aluminum because it disperses heat. my daughter’s ss msr got burned badly the first time she used it cause it got overheated

Oh please let us know when you see such bargains. You could have made much money buying and selling them on ebay. People pay much money for titanium knife fork and spoon only. Better bargain when titanium cup and aluminum cookset is added.

I try, but the “pay for quality” crowd…
Always knocks me down & calls me cheap. So I gave up trying to give people better financial options.

If you would like, when ever you see something that interests you. E-mail me letting me know what it is & I can probably find you a similar or exact item for less??

Up to you…

Paddle easy,