cool and cold weather clothing

I’m going to get some cool and cold weather fitness paddleing in this winter. Now I know our winters here in Louisiana aren’t what some of you would call harsh, but when your wet…it’s cold. I’m looking for some suggestions on winter kayaking gear. I’m not planing on getting soaked, but who does. My paddling will be on flat waters and canals (ie no rapids). I am also trying not to spend a fortune (ie Walmart stuff is fine, also Academy, etc). I do realize that cotton is not a good choice, and doubt I need anything as advanced as a drysuit. I do have a “shortie” wetsuit, but I doubt I could squeeze my big butt into it at this point in my life. Anyway, just looking for some suggestions.


how about light weight fleece, or
light weight poly propolene.

check out the coldest water temp tell us
Check out the statistics on the coldest water temps you will be in, and air temps, and post it here. Many really experienced folks here can give you great advice. You may be surprised by the answers.

Water and Air temps
I checked so records

water temps could be as low as 45 F

Air could be as low as 30 F

But my guess would be that these would be the extremes. The deal is the air temp can be cold and we have a lot of wind in the winter.

Super, here is a great site, lays it out

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There are folks who go the wet suit route, and I gave you a site that is super for that. Drysuit might be an option, as more comfy than you think, but since this is only the extreme check out the wetsuit combo.

Here are two sites that are both really practical and personal, not just facts, warnings, etc, but postive proactive ways to adventure and manage it. Do find out, those temps can kill you, but with respect, great exploration. the first is the real way to use wet suit combination by a kayak builder and paddler, the second lays out the whole scene. Enjoy

good advice.
even in seeming less than cold conditions , the combo of wind, air temp. and water temp. can really get to ya.

What I wear paddling in your …
type temperatures and weather.

Polypropelene long johns and long sleeve "T’, and yes Walmart carries both, but they are usually grabbed up the second they are put on the shelves.

Then a waterpoof light weight jacket over it to ward off any splashing. Make sure it is one of the newer breathable synthetics.

I also put a pair of gortex, (allows for breathability) long biking pants over the poly pro tights. This allows for on and off depending on how the afternoon warms up.

NRS boundary shoes are waterproof and dry, but you won’t find anything as good at Wally world.



i like polar tech
from rei,ll bean, Cabelas, with a gore tex jacket to cut the wind. The polar tech with wind stopper is great stuff also. I live in alaska a paddle year round, but I lived in Lousiana 30 years ago and can rember it getting very cold.