Cool build Greenland Kayak Cape Falcon

Looks rock solid.


I wonder how many hours it took.

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Probably not as many as you think he’s used to it and has patterns and jigs.

I’ve been following his build (long time fan of Brian and he’s on my Facebook feed) and he has been reporting on the duration of each step. Well produced videos of each step and fascinating to watch.

My recollection is that he can build the frame for most of the models he regularly produces in about 20 hours and skin and seal in 4 to 6 hours.

This particular project is also a new design for him and he has been beta-testing and tweaking it to adjust performance as it progresses.

Brian’s built literally 100’s of SOF boats of all kinds, mostly kayaks (but also ultralight canoes and Adirondack guide boat) and has assisted countless students in build seminars to build their own over the years. His on line blogs are fascinating and he’s a very good photographer and videographer.

Video is excellent!

If you are on and can still tolerate FB (admit my patience with the platform is getting short) you can sign up for his Cape Falcon Kayak group and get notifications of the regular posts to his progressive documentary bits on this build.

His original old Cape Falcon Kayaks blog has some great historical kayak information and links. He’s a good story teller too and quite a Renaissance man. have enjoyed his trip reports on the old blog. He had a sustainable agriculture small farm for a while and built some remarkable cottages, also completely retrofitted a vintage Airstream trailer with salvaged materials. Has been fighting a mystery illness for a few years that forced him to abandon some of the more ambitious projects and his regular travels to teach and mentor builders.

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Paddledog52, that video post was inspiring, whether the goal is to build a kayak or just to appreciate the workmanship.

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