Cool Kayak Modifications???

A while back I remember someone posting a link to a website that had lots of pictures of cool mods they had made to their boats, but I lost the link.

Anyone have a link to a site like this, or to their own site showing some of their own creative modifications?



Try this

I’m blocked at work so I cannot verify it, but it rings a bell with me.


check out:

I keep going back to Brian’s website to check out his innovative modifications in many areas of paddling. He just published a fantastic book on building a greenland paddle. I would highly recommend it.


Here’s Mine

I made a 100% custom, and then modified that!


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I like the way you padded the hip and knee/thighbraces. Here's a link to the thigh brace and foot peg replacements I did for my Tern 14. Rough but it works really well.