cool long sleeve rash guards?

Thanks to the thread recently posted on about hats for sun protection, I ordered an Adventure Hat from Sun Days for the summer. Now I’m looking for long sleeves with high UV protection to swim and paddle in. I’ve got a long sleeve Rapid Style and a Watergirl long sleeve rash guard, but they are nylon/spandex and I think they are going to be really hot in 90 degree weather. Same with a Columbia long sleeve fishing shirt I’ve got. Anybody have any other ideas to save the skin and stay cool while paddling?

Thanks - Jenn

MEC Silkweight Long-Sleeved Crew

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This is basically a 100% polyester long underwear top. I have a men's grey one that I really like - better than the nylon spandex rashie, though not as durable (mine has lasted over three years, though, summer and winter). Get a light colour and they can be quite comfortable - no chaffing around a vest, either.

Of course, similar products from other companies would be good to - Try Pata-Gucci's Capilene, or similar.

probably not great to swim in, but great for paddling - Kokatat Destination Shirt (SPF 40)


I prefer to wear
UnderArmour products as a first layer - in both winter and summer. The stuff wears like iron and is highly functional as a first layer in hot or cold conditions.


works a lot better than sunscreen on the arms

Columbia long sleeve fishing shirt
I have a couple of these types. Wear them all summer long. I think they are cool enough for hot weather wear.

Along with a number of silkweight tops for slightly cooler weather I also have a couple of these in both short and long sleeve for super hot days.

Icebreaker Merino Wool - Skin Layer

I’ve had great success staying cool with Mysterioso tops. Cool patterns to boot (provided you don’t have a problem with Hawaiian Hibiscus Lycra material is actually cold to the touch. Also found out do not wear these when the temp drops below 75-78 degrees. I start shivering. Works even better when wet as the fibers seem to amplify the evaporative air conditioner effect. Also great sun protection.

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They speciallize in sun protection. Their swim shirts are great. Like a rash guard, but loose fitting. Long and short sleeves. I haven't found any similar yet.

Also some very nice super lightweight and quick drying sun shirts.

Shorts, lightweight, long pants, hats, etc...

Downside is price.