cool site for florida paddleing info....

Thought anyone headed to Florida might be interested in this site?


Good Site!
I checked it real quik and saw a couple of my old favorites, but there were also a couple missing…

Good site
Here’s another.

Fla paddling is the best.
I have been paddling Florida for twenty plus years, and still have not got to all the places that I want to.

For nature watching in both salt and fresh water, it would be hard to pick which is best Alaska or Florida.

If you southern paddlers miss out on those crystal clear pristine spring fed rivers, you are missing a real treat.



Another Site
We are still working on this one. Lots of trip pictures and reports.


BTW, thanks JackL for the nice words. You’re right about the springs, but I also recommend the serene Florida Bay backcountry as well.

The door’s always open and the welcome map is always out, friends, so c’mon down and

Paddle on!

-FRank in Miami

and another…

Don’t overlook
the Florida panhandle, the other (less crowded, less overdeveloped, less traffic) Florida!

Lake Apoka Chain in Citrus County
Has anyone experience of paddling the lakes in this area.

south of jacksonville kayak rental…
anyone know of some place we can rent that has good paddling (at least a 3-4 hr deal) that they have the boats there or bring and take them back for you? My friend and I are heading down for April vacation and would like to find someplace to paddle in this vicinity. Course if anyone has extra boats and wants to show us around we wouldn’t argue either. We have both been paddling in recreational boats (I own swiftys) as we like the stability factor and are never in a hurry as we are just pocking around checking out the nature… and taking pics… lots of pics. Love early morning or dusk, but will go whenever. Any suggestions would be appreciated and we would rather be in kayaks instead of (no offense meant) canoes. There is also a very good chance that my sister and her son who have paddled with me also would like to go too, so any ideas let me know. Thanks Chris

Similar Pacific NW sites?
These FL sites are great, and I appreciate all the hard work folks put into them, but I’m unlikely to paddle there in this lifetime.

Anyone know of similar online directories for the Pacific NW? I think I have all the books, but websites would be useful, and probably more up-to-date.

Another interesting, though small, source of regional paddling info is “Places 2 Paddle” on this site.