Cool Tool

Found, at Home Depot, a good tool to be carried in kayak, canoe or backpack. It’s a combination screwdriver/saw. It’s a handle with two locking positions that can accept a shaft that holds interchangable screw tips or saws-all blades. I bought one for my tool belt and will get another for my outdoor gear. Add a Leatherman and 4" vice grips and you have a fairly complete tool set for back country repairs.

Picked one of those up a few years ago. very handy…never thought of using as an outdoor tool. Great tip.

The other tip was a good one as well

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A four inch vice grip is an awsome all-'round little tool. You can turn some pretty darn big bolts with one if all the way down to removing rounded or stripped screw heads. It also cuts pretty big wire. Not to mention it can be used as a clamp. Four inch vice grips and a Gerber Multi-tool pretty much covers the tools in my contingency dry-bag. The Gerber has removable jig-saw blade feature and I carry both wood and metal blades for it.

You don’t need it
Why don’t you just bring the entire tool shed with you? All the crap that people carry that they don’t really need just amazes me. I have been paddling for years and have never needed a saw or a screwdriver.

Sorry pahs, I just wanted to try my hand at the “troll” thing :wink:

How’d I do?

P.S.- it sounds like a good tool to have.

The vise grip will also
work just fine as a saw handle.

Just carry a saber saw or better yet a recirocating demo saw blade and clamp it in the vise grips if you need it.

yep but that one make me cringe a little

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Twenty-one years ago I used one like you describe to hold a razor blade. Twenty stitches later and a little bit wiser ...

Nice Try

Good effort!
Every spring packs get heavier. By midsummer the pile of Never Used grows.

Campers 1st, paddlers 2nd.

Must be a freshwater thing! Y’all spend too much time out of your boats fooling about with gear/gadgets on shore!

Three slams in one! Is that a better troll attempt than krousmon’s? :wink:

Not bad greyak
very true though, just ask Coffee about his camping discard pile.

Very Profound, Greyak
On the drive back from the Sierras this weekend I was thinking that I am a camper first, and a kayaker second…

I really never changed my lifestyle when I started kayaking and canoeing. I just bought a rack and started taking boats along to the places I have always gone…

Yeah, not really a slam at all
Camping is good (haven’t for decades). All water is good (but I much prefer salt as I float head out with no PFD or treading water!). Wasting time and money of shore gear though? Shore is for drinkng and chasing women. Anyone doing that while camping gets a pass.

alll in one tool