cool vented shirt/pants for buggy area

So I have found these light weight vented pants and shirts invaluable for dealing with bugs in hot weather in Florida as well as providing SPF 30. Not the cheapest at ~$55 (shipping is $11!), but they are really cool and the bugs can not bite through the ultralight breathable fabric. So far they have been very durable too.

Next time I go to CO for backpacking I will be taking them along for the buggy areas.



supplex shirts &pants from any comp any
will be tough light and offer full sun protection. I like buying supplex pants and shirts from sportif outdoor and llbean and hear decent things about bass pro shops.

I owned first generation rail riders stuff and found it incredibly poorly designed, and they did not want to hear about the problems I had.

The new stuff looks much much better. Looks like they spent some time on the redesign. Venting the crotch is a great idea.

Glad to see that rail riders has moved the know patches up on their weather pants. They had the patches set so low on their shortest pants that they missed the knee, the stress on the top seam was terrible, the design was terrible. They sold weather pants for years with ladderlock buckles on the sides which required that you raise the pants above your packs hip belt or get gouges. Rail riders used to sew everything a few blocks from my house. are the still making their clothes in the US?

The stuff I
bought was made in China. The full length mesh vents along the pant seams (with zippers to close) and on the shirt’s arms and torso are what sold me, really allow you to be cool in 90oF weather.