cool water/weather kayak glove

Looking for a thin water proof/resistant glove to wear in the 50’s to keep cool water and the cool air temps from making my hands cold, any suggestions? Saw a lot at NRS, just not sure which is the best for this purpose.


Dun’t know about ‘yakin’ gloves…

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but, fer canooin' ah' like de Glacier Gloves fer cold wadda.


Glacier Glove Kenai All Purpose
work well enough for me.

I Like Level Six Mitts

50 degree weather???
playtex rubber gloves is all you need. they work surprisingly well.


Seriously, Not Even…

The basic Glacier Gloves work well at those temps. No need to spend more money unless it gets considerably colder.

NRS hydroskin
The glacier gloves are nice, and they’re one of the few neoprene gloves I’ve used that are waterproof (at least they start that way). They wear quicker than gloves that have nylon facing on the outside, but they don’t suffer from evaporative cooling the way nylon-faced gloves do. They are only waterproof until you wear through the soft rubber in a couple spots (for me that’s in the web of my thumb).

But for 50 degree weather? Unless the water is cooler than that, I’d think glacier gloves will be more between you and your paddle than you would need/want. I find it helpful to have as much feel of the paddle as possible to reduce fatigue and maintain good technique. I think the dead feel of thicker gloves sometimes translates to a tight grip on the shaft, and that’s no good.

You might try the Hydroskin gloves. Those should be plenty warm enough, but are quite a bit thinner than glacier gloves.

I doubt they’re waterproof though. If that’s your primary concern, try the dish gloves.

For 50’s I recommend bare hands
and pogies.

c’mon sing!
you can get the pink ones or the lime green ones or the canary yellow ones!


I liked the Hydroskins too…
…until I found that they didn’t hold up well for poling. Should be fine for paddling in mildly cool weather though, and they are less restrictive than Glacier Gloves.

Pogies are…
my preferance. Don’t mind getting my hands wet but the wind makes my hands cold and chapped. I might try the dish gloves this weekend, though. Sounds like a good idea, on the cheap. Maybe in yellow.


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I'll buy a bunch and pass it out next time I go to SC. Pass 'em around and make friends. Folks there were also groaning about how "cold" 50 degree water was. (Practically bath water, Sheesh...)


agree with Sing
mentioned the rubber gloves because you mentioned you wanted dry. I keep a pair in the dry bag but can’t think of a time I have used them. maybe in 40 degree water with my new pogies? That way I can hide the hot pink?


Hydroskin Gloves
Thin and warm when wet.


disposable under garden gloves
NRS and any paddling gloves are overpriced for yuppies. At about 4 bucks you can buy neoprene garden gloves and cutoff the fingertips. You might need to loosely tape around the thumb to avoid fraying. I really like disposable under the garden gloves.

cold hands
I have carpal tunnel in both hands & when they get cold it causes them to swell & ache, I don’t care how warm it is otherwise. I bought a pair of the Glacier gloves for cool weather kayaking. This year in NC we’ve had lots of cold, snowy, icy weather. The first time it snowed & iced up I had to go into work that night and its a 12 hour shift. I wore my Glacier gloves while cleaning off my windshield and yes they got wet. But on the plus side my hands were nice and warm. I’ve been wearing them now anytime I go out. I got mine when they were on sale, think I paid about $20 for them and I consider it money well spent. Now I can’t wait to try them out kayaking.