cool weather paddle shoe/sock

Another rockie question…what’s the best way to to keep feet warm while paddling in cooler weather? I don’t paddle alot in winter, mostly because I paddle solo alot. And then usually in a kayak. I have worn Campmor neo zip up booties, but they wear cheap, and I got what I paid for. I also paddle a canoe, and kneel most of the time, so I’m concerned about catching feet under seat, with bulky shoes. I’ve been looking at neoprene socks/ booties that are better made than what I own. Any suggestions?

Chota Mukluks
be my recoomendatoon. De NRS Boundary Boots are supposed ta be OK, too.

Fat Elmo

NRS Boundary
NRS Boundary’s are very good. Personally prefer them over the Chotas for a closer to the foot wrap around sole, like on their Kickers.

Another option, you won’t find info yet but should be available soon, are the Stohlquist Caveman Ergo Boot. Looking forward to getting mine.

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Hyde Park, NY

how much footroom do you have?
Chotas can’t be beat but if your kayak doesn’t have room for boots then some combo of roomy neoprene booties with wool socks or neoprene socks inside. Even wet it’s better than neoprene alone. Keeping the feet dry and insulated can go a long way to keeping them warm but that requires a waterproof barrier. Not having squished feet helps a lot.

I wear my Chotas
around camp. They’re comfy, but too bulky for all the under garments and drysuit I have on in my small boat. For paddling, I’ve found that the combo of wool hiking socks, toe warmers, neo socks and my Warmers boots work the best for me. Whoever invented those hand and toe warmer packets is a god! I paddle year round.