Cool weather paddling clothes

I’m happy to hear that with the right clothing, I don’t have to stop paddling when the temp drops. But I am new to all this and need suggestions as to what a basic, “stay warm and comfortable” outfit would consist of. Any sugesttions?

An we are talking basic. Flatwater stuff.

A fine topic in the midst of a

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heat and humidity wave here in the east! This is always a hot topic during fall/winter/spring. You should check the archives for "cold water", "immersion", "dry suit", "wet suit". You will find hours of reading.

I just wear systhetics and carry

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spares in a drybag when I take my rec boat on the pond. I have never capsized in my rec boat except on my honeymoon after a breakfast of champagne and wedding cake.

I recommend a polartec aquashell (nyolon faced)wetsuit made by mountainsurf and others. I am a big fan if nylon based aquashell as it breathes bette than any wetsuit material I have seen, in windproof and offers considerable immersion protection. A really wide ranging garment.

In my sea kayak I'd just wear the drysuit, even in the pond

For An Overview of Hypothermia And
immersion gear, read this site:

Than realize the variables to individual tolerance to cold and the ability to get out of the cold water (skills). YMMV. Test out your gear in the water before hand. Don’t learn about it in a real capsize out there.


Where you are located
and on calm flat water in mid winter, my wife and I wear poly-pro underware with a polar fleece top and either dry pants or waterproof cycling pants.

Our poly-pro undershirt is long sleeve so when it is warm in the PM we take off the polar fleece top and just use the undershirt.

If it gets real hot like it does lots of times in the south we just roll up the sleeves of the poly-pro T shirt.

We also carry dry tops. If it is really cold the combination of the poly underware, the polar fleece and the dry top is guaranteed to keep you toasty

Many times for the underware we use poly-swim wear so we can shed the outer wear if it is hot.

If it gets fairly cold a cockpit skirt keeps you nice and warm.

The long pants will help insulate you from the cold coming through the bottom of the yak.

We also never leave home in the winter without a complete change of clothes stored in one of the hatches.

Even though we have never dumped in the winter, there is always that first time.



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I knew where you are located and I was posting for that area.

The same would hold true for when you move here to God’s land since the weather is pretty close to the same unless you are moving to the high country where the winter weather is similar to Canadian weather



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