Cooler for Kayak

My wife and I have two sea kayaks on order and should be receiving them in early December. They have 9" round hatches. We are looking for ideas on what people are using for coolers that will fit in a 9" round hatch. Are there any manufactured soft sided coolers that will fit in that size hatch? If you have 9" round hatches what do you use for a cooler?

Soft Cooler
I don’t have round hatches, they are oblong. I somethimes put too much into my soft cooler and it will no longer fit through the hatch. I unpack some or all of the cooler, put the cooler into the boat, then repack the cooler and Im good to go.

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Because of weight and space
limitations, I put the cooler in the cockpit with me. I just shove it all the way forward between my legs. Here’s a link to a good one that although expensive, it holds ice well and doesn’t leak. All different sizes too. You might find one that fits your hatch. I have no commercial ties to these folks.

Yep Softsides
and if they get over stuffed, bungie them on the back deck.

Try this…

It gives an idea for a cooler/ice chest.


Forget about it! :wink:
Get a canoer or a dory rower to come along and carry all your coolers and big gear. They’ll be a little slower but they can do 30 mile days in decent cruising conditions.

Sounds like a no-no to dump gear on other paddlers? But then you are probably joking.