Cooler for kayaks

I would like to take some cold stuff kayak camping on the weekends. Any suggestions on a good cooler that will fit in a kayak hatch or behind the seat and keep ice for 1-2 days. Thanks in advance.


I personally have not come across a kayak “cooler” per say, and if they exist I would love to see them. I found a small cooler that is hard plastic on the inside and soft padded insulation on the outside. It has been ideal for our boat trips. I use a couple of those cold packs either the hard ones or the soft ones, throw a few cubes in the mix and our it really stays icy, even on long hot days. I think I just bought the thing in the sporting goods section of WalMart, one of my most worthwhile gear purchases ever. Also, I am going to ty throwing one of those cold packs in a drybag with a small lunch sometime and see how that works when I really have to keep the packing light. Will post how that goes. :slight_smile:

It’ll work until the sun gets hot

Collapsible Koolers
Been using collapsible coolers for several years. Easy to manuver into a hatch or behind your seat then fill them with the “goodies”. Have used “blue ice” and the regular stuff. However, in most cases, I either freeze bottles of “spring” water or just recycle quart milk jugs by using tap water and freezing them. (That way I also will have cool water later own while saving on stowage space.) Going to experiment with dry ice this year too.



I second the collapsible coolers…
I use one in my canoe and can keep foods cool with river/lake water after the ice mealts…works great

Collapsable Coolers
Just look for those that have a bit thicker insulation and use this “Trick.” Open a couple couple sodas and/or bottled waters and drink down about 1.5" and throw a few of these in. Depending on temp (and it gets pretty HOT here in MO in summertime) will last 2-5 days. Another option is to buy an extra closed cell foam sleeping pad and cut and insert pieces arround the edge and on top. This will also extend the cooler’s capacity for keeping things cool. WW

Dry ice requires venting or things can go bang from excessive pressure.

hey Terry
What does drinking some of the liquid have to do with keeping the remaining cooler longer?


I use many small coolers
I use many small 6 pack type coolers, one for frozen foods, one for fruits, non-crushable types, etc. They stowe nicely. I freeze my beer, in frozen water surrounding the beer in a 6 pack cooler. If your taking bottled water, freeze it for double duty as ice and as drinking water. If your taking steaks or hot dogs or koolaid freeze it.