Cooler Recommendation for Old Town Loon 126

I’m looking for a cooler recommendation that can fit comfortably in a Loon 126 and keep ice for 2-3 days for multi-day trips. I’ve been looking at the Tourit Voyager and the RTIC Soft Pack. I’m trying to avoid spending the $300 a Yeti seems to command. Ideally I’d like to store this behind the seat in the void there as I use the front foot well for a dry bag.

Any recommendation would be appreciated.

Three days in what average temperature?

For 2 or 3 days, that is easy. Use your normal cooler and dry ice. Be sure to have a layer of newsprint between the dry ice and other items.

Also freeze or refrigerate beforehand anything you will store in the cooler.

I’m thining 90deg highs. If it’s short enough to fit under the rear deck it’ll be out of direct sunlight.

At 3 days, I eat freeze dried food and drink river water temperature beer.

I do have a lifetime cooler that is awesome… This one’s big brother. I bet the smaller one is just as good. The big one is too much for a paddle boat

Publix sells dry ice in the customer service part of the store. Large grocery stores in the other parts of the country might have it too.

Note put dry ice on the bottom of the cooler. I once on a race week had a delivery of dry ice that came late via one of the teenage crew members who worked at a place that had DI. We put it on top of the groceries in the boats ice box. EVERYTHING below the DI froze. It was two days before we could get any fresh food out easily without chipping.

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