Cooler Recommendation

Can anyone recommend a cooler that works and fits in a sea kayak hatch–6-pack+ size? I got a Nissan thermos this winter and it keeps my boiling tea hot for hours. Works better than any I have had. I am thinking there must be big differences in coolers also. Any advice?

All ah’ knows be dat…
ah’ ain’t carryin’ none o’ dem 'yaker’s coolers, no how!


Check out Polar Bear
Polar Bear makes good quality soft coolers in various sizes:

You’ll have to check your hatch dimensions, obviously.

I’ve got one of the yellow NRS coolers - the small one is pretty big, but will fit in an oval hatch. I see they have a 6 pack cooler now.

For the Explorer with 10" round hatches, I got a small soft cooler - a cheapie from the local drug store. It’s not great, but with a freezer pack it will keep lunch cool for a day paddle.


polar bear
definitely the best one i have had. Get the ice pack with it and it works great.

I use an Igloo in which I can put
a weekend’s worth of food and beverages.

Oh, you said kayak.

One More Vote For Polar Bear
Been using one 2 years now, wish I had found it sooner. Bonus is it doesn’t sweat and leak like most soft coolers, and ice will last for days if needed. WW

We have previously used a cheap soft cooler while canoe camping and would get 3+ full days of cooling. This year we bought the NRS large cooler and will try it out next month. It is a lot better in overall quality and thickness of insulation. They do make smaller sizes that I would take a look at to see if they will fit. The one we bought cost under $50. Nicely made coolers IMHO.


I asked this same question a few months
ago, and rather than force you to look in the archives, I’ll tell you that the Polar Bear was the suggestion, and it was a good choice.

Also, buy their ice sheet thingies.

I used newspaper as insulation and it kept some essentials for 3 days of camping at a safe temp.

I also froze the food items I packed (except for my container of milk) and used a little thermometer to monitor the temp.

Another vote for the NRS soft coolers. Worth the investment.

Kayak cooler
Bass Pro Shops makes a soft side cooler (the Ketch cooler) with removable liner that straps to the deck of a kayak. Their is also a company (Bell Canoe Works)that make soft side round coolers meant to fit in canoe barrels.