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I’d like some opinions on the best coolers for canoeing. I’ve searched the forums and couldn’t find anything discussing the merits of various brands despite numerous posts about “cooler” weather. I’ve never found a soft sided cooler I liekd for a trip longer than a day or two. I think the yeti coolers look the most promising but the price is painful. My requirements are a hard sided cooler with a true locking lid (I I roll the boat I don’t won’t to find all the food floating in the water), something I can use to tie it in the canoe, a relatively low profile so I don’t raise the center of gravity too high. I can’t find anything by Coleman, Igloo or rubbermaid that seems the right size. They make coolers with these features but only in coolers designed for large saltwater fishing boats. Does anyone have any suggestions?

yard sales?
I have an oldcoleman that is aluminum, locking lid

and could keep out raccoons and other varmints (sorry but I doubt it will keep out bears) The size isn’t any bigger then the average beach cooler my lugged around when I was just a pup.


Wat ever yer do…

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Never, never, ever, never - did ah' mentoon never - offer ta carry a 'yaker's cooler in yer canoo. Dem river gnats be like stray critters - offer ta do it once an' they always come back. Now if'fin dems got some good vittles or some tasty beveragees in it ah' then may offer but later dems do git de cooler back - empty. Dat usually larn's dem right quick...

Anyway ah' use an smaller Igloo Ice Cube marine cooler.

Lid dun't lock but it gots a tight friction fit - a strap around it woyks good fer extra securitee. Small enough ta fit inside a narrow canoo too.

Did ah' mentoon never, ever...


I recently did a search on for the same info. This is a great compilation of searches from pnet and other paddling forums. Actually done by someone on this site…it’s great!!!

Just put in a search topic and it pulls up lots!!!

Even easier than searching the archives here.

Hope this helps.

thank you thank you thank you

That works much better than the search engine here. Sorry to have opened another thread on it.