Cooperstown to Milford...

I am scheduling a trip north soon, and would love to see this section of the Susquehanna once again. As I haven’t done this in more than 3 decades, a bit of local knowledge would be most welcome.

Can I still launch from the hospital parking lot in Cooperstown? Is this likely to be an open course in late May or full of blow downs? How much time should I plan for the trip?

How come no one has posted on Places to Paddle for my home river I grew up on? C’mon now, it’s a nice place to spend time.

Anyone wishing to join in would be welcome. Dinner at Brooke’s in Oneonta will follow.


I used the Hospital lot last year, and out in below the dam with no problems. There may be some wood, but it is usually not bad. Relaxed 4 hour trip, do not forget to tour the 2 breweries.

Oooo, brewries!
I’m sure my son will know, but where are they located?


General Clinton Race
Since the General Clinton Canoe Race is held on Memorial Day the river should be clear from Cooperstown to Bainbridge; all 70 miles. Water level is still weather dependent.


Three easy portages
The first is at the hospital- 20 yds across the road and back in. The second is at Goodyear Dam- two tenths mile uphill and back down. Third at Oneonta behind the Neptune diner- 20 yds around little 3 ft weir dam.

The Ommegang and Cooperstown breweries are worth a visit. They give free samples.

The Neptune Diner in Oneonta is a must visit!

Wow, I forgot about General Clinton…
on Memorial Day. Thanks, I may have to attend the festivities in Bainbridge.

Neptune Diner vs. Brooke’s? That’s going to be a hard call, but we may have to check it out, and get take out from Brookes to eat on the way back south.

Thanks so much,