Coosa River AL

In the next few weeks I’ll be in the Childersburg area and wanting to do some paddling in and around the area .Any info. will be great. I would like to do Talladega creek and from Logan Martin Damn to hwy. 280 and any other nice places in the area.

Thanks in advance


Check out the Birmingham Canoe Club at

Also Coosa River Adventures at

Don’t know anything about them though.

Done the coosa river adventure Nice little river trip when water is up.Birmingham canoe club seemed more about white water.I will have 3 or 4 hours in the afternoon to paddle the coosa. Its looks wide and flat with not much current. I was wanting to kayak these areas and canoe down the creeks running into the river on my off days.




(are you going to Jocassee this year?)

Don’t know about Jocassee, I just got engaged and things are flexible! (she does love to paddle and camp tho!)How about you?