Core craft canoe

Just bought an old core craft canoe. Can anyone tell me more about these old boats. I know its cedar reinforced fiberglass. Any tips as far as maintenance and what to expect out on the water? Thanks


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Looks like a great old boat. I don’t know much about them, but it looks fun.

What kind of stuff are you thinking of doing with it? Paddle or use the motor?
Looks like it came with a lot of extras. Get a good quality PFD for every one on board.

How heavy is it?

Mostly just recreational paddling, fishing, maybe camping . Not sure how much it weighs exactly but it is not very light. I’d say about 80lbs

My Old Town is about 80# and it is a bear getting it on the roof rack alone so I built a side loading ladder affair that’s cheap and dirty and packs along and made the task pretty easy. Getting it to the water I bought some $40 fold down kayak wheeled dolly and that is a must have IMO.

Yours looks in really great shape and should be perfect for what your usage is. That’s pretty much what I use mine for as well along with slow river floats. For paddling solo that center seat location should be perfect. With the high curve bow and stern it will catch wind easy so you will want to be sitting level.

I googled the name you gave and found some info and some of it is even at this sight. Sounds like a unique build with a wood core and glass outer. Sounds like it has some built in capsize flotation. It is never a bad idea to take it into some calm sheltered water and see what it takes to tip it and see how it recovers after being swamped and how high it rides when righted. Better to find out in a controlled location than out on the lake with coolers floating around and fishing poles etc.

Mine floats as it is a 3 layer poly with foam in the center similar in a way to what you have. I added some additional flotation in the ends as I use mine as a solo.

Yours has a nice keel line so it should go and stay straight and might be a bit more tippy than some of the newer flatter designs. That you will know once you get in the water.