Cornell, Wis. .... Kayak / Canoe Flotilla

Have been sitting here at the camp trying to decide whether to paddle the Cornell Flotilla this Saturday. I suspect a lot of waiting on things to happen, but they do seem to have some good eats.

Anybody else paddling that thing?

If you’re heading north, take a day and paddle the Bois Brule.

It was 58 degrees this morning.

The Bois Brule is a long River. We will be closer later in the week.

Good food?

Well, food was hot and available. First rule of good. Raffle produced some good things. They had 155 paddlers in the mile long parade. Look for news on channel Weau 13, Eau Claire Wis. One 3/4 mile side of the island was dead into the wind blowing 10-15 with 20 mph gusts. Many of the canoes and short boats had problems.

They had good sponsor participation. You could get a raffle ticket at each of four check point boats. Just paddle up give them your number and you entered another ticket with your competitor number. We made two circuits in our sea kayaks. We did not win the boat but did get a nice lantern, umbrella and tee shirt.

There was a woman in a small Sundolphin that nearly sank. Man with her said the “plug” was out. Here’s a picture, pink boat, left of photo. Riding low in the water got lower but successfully made it to shore.