Correct me if I'm wrong

Reference kayak paddles: the company logo is not always imprinted on the power face of the paddle. In other words, the logo on some paddles is imprinted on the back face (where the paddle shaft spine rises); in which case, using the logo side as the power face would be using the paddle in reverse (or paddling with the back as the power face)?

It s/b obvious from the blade shape.

I remember using one where the logo was on both sides of the paddle. Don’t remember what paddle it was, but it was a low end one that I got with a resort rental.

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Thank you for responses. The reason I’m asking is because of my original post and the response (Paddles on Calendar; now on page 3 or maybe page 4).

As a rule
I would say yes, it’s generally printed on the power face, from my observations. Also, when the logo is rightside up and facing the paddler, then it’s not being held upside down or backwards.


The Way It Is Always Done …
… Unless it is done differently !!!

There is no industry standard for decal placement. Lighting Paddles, for an example, put decals on the non-power face.

The power face is the scoop. If you can’t find a scoop then it doesn’t matter which side you use.

So, you are using your paddle
according to which side the logo is printed on? Really? Send us a pic.

You drive your car according to the direction the bumper sticker is placed?

Point your gun according to which side has the Brand Name?

Drink your beer from the “proper” side of the bottle?

How do you know which end of the toothpaste to squeeze?

Right . . .
which gets back to my original question that the paddlers in the calendar shots look as though they are holding the paddle with the power face (with the smooth, flat and scooped part) toward the bow and the back of the paddle (with the shaft spine) as the the blade portion they are pulling throught the water. In other words, the back of the paddle face is being used incorrectly as the power face?

now wait a minute
beer taste better from the proper side of the bottle…if you tur it around you get back wash first…monk

Are you asking about your own use…
or about a picture you saw on a calender wherein the models are using the paddle in the wrong orientation?

OK, I looked at your original post…
You ARE talking about models using paddles in a photo on a calendar. Howz about posting a link to the photo(s) in question?

My experience is that
most newbies figure out which side of the blade is the power face without a problem, but they often flip the paddle wrong left to right (with asymmetric paddles).

I sometimes point out that they have their paddle backwards and they almost always spin the shaft and look puzzled until I illustrate the flip they need to do.

There is a good chance the models were told how to hold the paddles to get the right look for the pictures, but there is also a decent chance they also don’t know what they’re doing.

Don’t let the knowledge of the right way to do things drive you crazy, just laugh a second and keep on a paddlin’


don’t tell them they have it backwards
tell them they have it upside down :wink: