Correction: hatches flush with deck?

terribly sorry about the previous post.

I meant to say hatches instead of bulkhead.

I just received a QCC and noticed that the hatches are not flush with the deck. They are about 1/2 inch above the deck. Is this normal?

As long as they are sealed
and keep out water, they are fine.

As the seals compress
and age, they will compress somewhat. Better for the rubber to be a bit tall than too small.


QCC-500 driver

Manufacturer’s choice
I’ve had both - as long as they are dry the height has never mattered. I do find the ones that sit a bit above the deck to be easier to get hatch covers off and on when you do things like put a boat from a warm environment onto cold water, which causes them to tighten up.A slightly elevated day hatch is also easier to get into on the water with gloves.