corroded screws

just tried to remove the screws holding my foot brace track so I could put the braces back in. 'Tis all corroded together. Any ideas on how to free them short of a hacksaw?

Screw Extractor

I drill them out when they are that way
Just go slow !

Jack L

…drill them out, but if they are stainless steel( and they probably are) , better to have a brand new bit. another item to free bolts is called PB Blaster, it works better than WD40 or Liquid Wrench, spray and leave set overnite. a last resort option is to take a grinder to them … very , very carefully … grind the head off 99% and use a hammer and punch to drive the screw out.

Impact tool

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Get an impact tool that you hit with a hammer (Sears etc). Use the correct screw tip, socket etc. Most important marine tool ever made.

When installing Never Seez is your friend.

I agree with the drilling
But, it may be an option to use a left handed(or counter clockwise) drill bit. this way if it does come loose during the process it will screw out.

if drilling …

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...... good idea to graduate the bit size from a smaller bit to the larger bit in a step up process of two to three bit sizes .

If the existing screw is a phillips , that makes for a pretty reasonable center point to drill at ... helps to eliminate the bit from squirming about during starting (similar to using a center punch). Stainless can be a bit hard .

If you pre-determine what size screw you will be using to replace the existing ones ... you can make the final drill size the appropriate one for a hand tap to cut the female threads into the bore .

Might the foot pegs be Yakimas?
The kind with the aluminum track? If so there was probably a bit of galvanic corrosion between the SS screws and the alu track, making things complicated.

I would use a chemical loostener first.


Simple Green … Pour it all over them
and let it soak.

If the screws come through to the inside you might be able to grab them with vice grips. Go for wiggling them back and forth first prior to backing them out.

You may also use a file to create a nice deep groove in the screw head. Then pull out your largest, what will I ever use this for, flat blade and lock the vice grips onto it.

Put the boat on its side, stand over it, put some weight on the screwdriver while you twist a little at a time … They will come out.

Save the hammer and drill for their intended functions.

if it were anything important …
… drill and tap are the intended functions .

Fresh clean threads in the bore , new screws (#24 fine thread) and a drop of loctite to keep from seizing again .

If the screw is corroded , so are the threads in the bore … but not all things are that important .