Costa Rica ww outfitters

Any information, plus or minus, about Costa Rica whitewater outfitters who supply kayaks? A number do rafts, but there appears to be only a handful that do closed boats.

Rios Tropicales did a good job back in the '90’s.


Do a search at Boatertalk
A ton of stuff will come up.

A side note unrelated to kayaking. I subscribe to a few discussion groups from people living in CR and there’s a lot of talk about the crime down there. From a tourist’s point of view, Mostly petty theft and mostly in the city’s.


it’s small time stuff, but in the cities pretty common. pickpockets and tent raids are the only problems I ever had down there in 8 years of doing trips.

you never hear about the 'gangs’from CR, do ya?

El Salvador…Mexico…but NEVER Costa Rica!


Endless River Adventures

top notch outfit - HIGHLY recommended - ERA is the best

Go over to Lonely Planet’s website
and check into the Thorn Tree forums and then the Central American forum. Lots of details of the latest scams and thief tactics. Not much to worry about if you pay attention and don’t do dumb things like leaving all your kit on the beach and go surf 300 yards away. CR is a fantastic place.


Here’a a few you can count on.
I worked for NOC for many years in Costa Rica until 2000. Not sure what the boat availability is now, but back then it was difficult to get a good boat to rent. Should be better now though. Here’s my recommendations on where to start and who to talk to.


talk to Chris Port. He can tell you what they’re able to do and is a great resource as well

Endless River

Top Notch outfitter as well.

See when Don and Bettina George are there if your looking for years of experience and wonderful people as well.

Not sure if you can rent from any of them, but they will point you where you want to go. Wish I was going with you

Thanks to all NM