Costa Rica

Feb. 6 - 14 I will be south of Quepos and north of Dominical as my range. Any recommendation for outfitters or kayaking locations?

Thanks if you can help.


Rios Tropicales
used to run a tight ship. was down there a few times doing some whitewater and sea boating but… was a while ago. watch the water quality in Quepos. got a BAD case of the sheeeets drinking an iced drink.


I have a friend who
like to camp at a place called Cahuita (sp?). She speaks very highly of it. She paddles somewhere nearby but I don’t know the details.

Cahuita is on the east coast and IS very nice. we kayak surfed there.

the OP is talking about visiting the West coast, again very nice.

It’s hard to beat CR.



Alabama Small Boats
I’ve never been fortunate enough to make that trip although I hear great things about it. The guy who owns Alabama Small Boats near Birmingham, AL takes a group down every year. I’m sure he would be glad to share his experiences. He can be contacted through their website at .