Costa Rica

Looking at a trip in late Feb or March. Any recommendations on how / where to get on the water via kayak to snorkel and catch fish?

osa penninsula
we stayed on the SW coast down by osa in playa zancudo at the zancudo beach club. fly into san jose, small plane to golfito and then water taxi over…you can charter fishing boats if that suits you…there’s horseback riding, sot kayaking up the river (which was cool - caiman!) or you can tour the osa and see about every kind of monkey there is…) the break at the beach is super dumpy and unlike america, no one’s cleaned the beach up so there’s all kinds of coconuts and tree’s and every other bit of flotsam you can imagine that’s liable to bonk you in the head at high tide so be careful.

always, always, wear a shirt and sandals. the sun is incredible that far south and it’s a black volcanic beach…buy some keens, strap em on and leave em there.

the tico’s are nice, giving and relaxed and the spanish is s-l-o-w…like mexican spanish and not like rapid fire caribbean spanish…so if you have a familiarity with the language, it works out okay but you can always find english speakers.

embrace siesta…very, very relaxing.

On the Osa Peninsula Crystal Seas
out of Canada does a tent camp and kayak business near Drake Bay. Beautiful country.