Costco underwater camera bags?

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Does anyone have any experience with these underwater camera bags (Wolverine Waterlock)? I just noticed these were available from costco at a very reasonable price. Similar bags cost $100 and up - a definite option for an expensive camera (which i would never take on the river). but, this seems to be a good price bag for a point and shoot. Any other suggestions for camera bags?|79|210

camera bag
I use something from Similar design. No complaints. Got it on ebay for 20-25 bucks. - Jim

Might be worth a try
At less than half the price ($50 for the SLR version), it looks like it might be a nice alternative to the Aquapac waterproof bag ($120) which I’ve been thinking about getting for my old Panasonic FZ10. If it blows out, I’m only out what has basically become a paperweight since finally going the dSLR route. The FZ10 does have a sweet lens, image stabilization and is capable of some very decent images despite being only 4MP. Should be a nice on water supplement to my Pentax WPi.

Not very impressive but may work OK
The problem I see with this particular model is that it does not seem to have a sturdy plastic or glass area for where your lens is. This means that the image quality will likely be not good due to warped plastic layer infront of your lens. Plus I see no way to have a protruding zoom camera in this particular model - would only work for non-extending zooms or fixed lenses.

I bought a similarly priced (may be $30?) bag from Microcenter - you can check them online. It has a sturdy and somewhat adjustable area for a protruding lens and are made in various sizes and models to support a class of camera body stiles each.

I have been very reluctant to use it as it makes the camera bulkier, plus there is no good way to attach the camera on a tripod anymore as the camera’s tripod mount is now inside the bag. The bag works, but is more hassle than I’d like it to be compared to a waterproof camera. That said, for $$$ reasons I went with the bag rather than a new P&S camera.