could a rec boat go into the ocean?

so, if a 11 foot rec kayak had a spray skirt, could it go into the ocean?

Yes, but only once.
Kidding! As an occasional trip leader, I have no problem with a good paddler showing up in a rec boat. I would keep an eye on him/her in surf as wider boats tend to flip easier, and I might expect her/him to tire before others in longer boats. Not serious enough to even warrant comment.

I Would Advise Against It
Sit On Tops are a better choice for the ocean

Lots of rec boats in the ocean out here
in CA. Lots of fishing tournaments out of the local harbor, nothing but rec boats - SOT’s.

What wasn’t mention above, is need for floatation in SINKs. Either sealed bulkheads or floatation bags.

Do be careful. Large Ocean swells are a much different animal small lake chop. At least in my experience.


Are you likely to flip in swells and waves? Certainly a good chance since wider boats are more prone to flip when sideways to waves. If you flip can you roll? Not in a rec boat. If you flip and exit can you deal with the situation? Which means swimming the boat to shore and emptying the water without being pounded around too much. Personally I wouldn’t do it. If I did I would certainly have flotation and a helmet. But what I would actually do is get an appropriate boat.

Try it and see once and for all
If we don’t get a post back from you within two weeks or so, we’ll chalk that up as a “no”.

can and do all the time
just depends where, don’t take any silly chances and have fun, nuff said.

rec boat in ocean
I was advised not to bring my 11’ rec boat to a protected bay area for a group tour type thing which also includes instruction. Reasons given were: flotation in the stern but not in the bow, too small of a boat for the conditions, an 11’ boat may have trouble keeping up with the longer ones.

Ok, so I get to try out a longer boat- that will be fun!

Can anyone tell me whether or not any skills I may pick up will be transferable to my little boat? Thanks.


Depends on where, the conditions and
whether you have adequate flotation in both bow and stern. I paddle in the Pacific Northwest where the ocean is very unpredictable, the water is cold, the wind can kick up in minutes and the fog can come in quickly. I would not paddle in the ocean here in a rec boat.

If you’re talking about Southern California where it’s warm and fairly calm, I might if I had adequate flotation. If I didn’t have adequate flotation I wouldn’t paddle anywhere I couldn’t walk out.

could a rec boat go into the ocean?
Yes. And a trainer can drive a square peg up a dog’s @$$, too.

But would he want to, that’s the question.

Yes, it can, but shouldn’t. I’ve seen
plenty of days when the ocean was flat and slick as a polished table and almost any boat could float it. But, its unpredictable. As for the bays, it depends on the bay and weather conditions, just as it does on a lake.

There ya go.
Now we know.


oh, okay
I was just wondering because if the kayak floats, and has flotation, then yeah, it seems capible. It might not be as fast, but still. just wondering, because all you see in sea yaking magazines are sea kayaks.

I just used the 11 foot kayak as an example, I am not going to bring an acadia 11.5 or something like that into the sea, I live in the foothills of the rockys.

A full Pamlico takes about 2 hours to
empty with a good bilge pump which is exactly what you would be doing if a wave dumps on your spray skirt unless it is really tight.

And the benign ocean off SC absolutely can kick your butt on the right day.

I do it all the time
but wouldn’t recommend it to most… Every location has different conditions, but around the gulf coast, its usually calm enough for a rec boat.

Here is a photo last of my two boats, the one in the water is a loon 120, and as you can see by the swells, the ocean is not too rough on this particular day.

L Sea Kayaker Magazine…
“because all you see in sea yaking magazines are sea kayaks.”

Same reason Cat Fancy Magazine is full of cats…

that pic is excellent!
I think the way you angled the camera is beautiful. It is a very profesional picture, Infact, It is so nice, I bet old town would use it to advertise the loon 120!

Did it with a Pamlico 145 …
… prompted me to buy a sea kayak.

Was having a lot of fun in 1 - 2 foot waves … one a little steeped and larger than the rest came over the back and dumped a fair amount of water in the boat … immediately felt the stability change … and now lower in the water more water was coming in. I was close to shore … warm water … and shallow. But if that happened to far out, wind\current off-shore … could have been more hairy.

Sure , why not ?
Prior to getting our long boats, my wife and I used to take our 9 foot long Keowees in the ocean for several years.

We had skirts, and as soon as we got out through the breakers, we would take them off unless it was a rough day.

There were many days that I would go out several miles.

I wouldn’t want to be out that far in a rec. boat

that didn’t have flotation thoughh.



Skirts and stabilizers would make the
ride even more secure.