Could this be Old Town Penobscot 16?

These pics are from the seller who says the Canoe is 16’ long. He doesn’t have the weight or other dimensions.

He says that “Old Town” is the only writing on the boat, no model name.

It appears to be royalex with aluminum gunwales.

I plan to check it out in person tomorrow.

He hasn’t sent the HIN to me, yet.


or a Camper
Camper is flat bottomed

It looks like a Penobscot 16 to me. You should be able to clearly see the “crease” down the middle from the shallow vee design. Also, based on the specs it should be 34 inches wide at the yoke…easy to check.

Thanks for that info kayamedic and TomL.

I hope to check it out in person tonight.

I have that same tag in a drawer, and it came off my Penobscot 16.
It very well could have been on other models too

I just checked it out in person and the actual measurements are 17’1.25” long fro tip of one deck to tip of the other deck.

Max beam is 34.5” from the outside edge of the gunwales.

I didn’t perceive any vee shape to the hull or obvious tumblehome. Very minimal rocker.

The only boat in the previously linked catalog with these dimensions is the Penobscot 17, so that’s by best guess.

I am able to get it onto and of if my shoulders by myself, so I made an offer, which was accepted.

The boat had been stored on the ground outside for the last year, so the yoke and thwarts have some rot on the end that was down, the HIN is attached


Old Town says that their HIN records don’t have details of what model the numbers belong to.

They said that the dimensions suggest Penobscot 17.

It took them less than 12 hours to reply to my inquiry. Impressive.

Yup. OT nos are sequential and not keyed to a model

It sure looks like the Penobscot 16 I used to own. It tracked well with the long waterline.

I bought an extra seat, moved the yoke thwart forward, and added a solo seat that same way the stock seats are mounted, but slightly tipped forward and maybe a bit lower. I used one of the clamp-on yokes for carrying. This made for pretty good solo use, and still had the tandem capability. It was not the lightest canoe after modifications, but was quite sturdy.

I’ve had very quick email responses from Johnson Outdoors regarding this canoe. I’ve been pleasantly surprised by their responsiveness.

I asked late Friday evening if they had either cane repair kits or replacement seats to repair the stern seat in this Penobscot 17 and had this response early this Monday Morning:

"We no longer offer the old style cane seats or repair kits for them, but you can get those from Island Falls Canoe ( They offer kits for repairing the cane in your existing seats, or brand new cane seating.

We do not have any plastic or wooden seats that are made specifically for your model. For seats, what we have that would fit are the 34” bow/stern web seats – item number #01.1315.2602 for $59.99 each. The seats are not pre-cut or drilled so you will need to trim them down to fit your canoe and then drill holes for the screws to install them - If you need replacement hardware (bolts and dowels), you can select from a 4”, 5”, or 6” bolt - the standard size is 4”. The longer the bolts, the lower you sit in the canoe which will lower your center of gravity giving you more overall stability. We suggest looking to see what your boat may be using for hardware, or use the chart below and use the correct dowel sizes that match up with the corresponding bolt sizes your using. We only offer a 3.25” dowel, so it can be trimmed down to accommodate the 4” and 5” bolts.

4” bolts use 1.5” dowels
5” bolts us 2 3/8” dowels
6” bolts use 3.25” dowels

You can order these parts online, over the phone with any of our reps, or through one of your local dealers. I hope this helps and please let us know if you have any other questions.


Jon Ballesteros
Customer Service Representative
Johnson Outdoors Watercraft
Old Town Canoes and Kayaks, Ocean Kayak, & Carlisle Paddles

Tel: 1-800-343-1555 "

FYI, Ed’s Canoe lists replacement seats for Old Town canoes starting at $34.50 for ash and cane:

My favorite Penobscot 17 picture

Old Town Penobscot

Have fun with it…

@eckilson said:
My favorite Penobscot 17 picture

Old Town Penobscot

Have fun with it…

Thumbs up!

Bow thwart is further forward than the factory spec install on my 16 purchased circa 1993 - I I use it as a solo orpften as is actually pretty common at least in the upper Midwest

Yes, paddling the boat in ‘reverse’ is a pretty good option, but having the center paddling location does offer mid-engine handling benefits.

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