Coulda had a Sterling, almost

I have 4 shiny new teeth made to order and installed by an expert. Still a grand short of a Sterling.
Didn’t want a Sterling anyway.

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$3k for a root canal and a crown. Two years later, the rootbis cracked and they want to pull it, plus a screw stud and toof to fill the gap is only another $5k. Ot was my favorite toof from once I was a baby, now they want to take if I had-a-known, i would have cast thst toof to the wind, saved s bundle snd had me a Sterling for sure. Life is mysterious- I feel your pain.


At least I watch it being made.

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I’m glad our canoe club has a couple of really good dentists as members. My last root canal and crown didn’t cost me much over what my dental insurance covered.

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Three cheers for dental insurance. Just as well. I’d still need liposuction for a proper fit.

56 years ago i broke the windshield of a Corvair with my head and left a dental impression in the dashboard. Jaw broken, upper gums destroyed, teeth strewn throughout the passenger compartment and across the northbound lanes of I-5. After a year or two and a ton of
reconstruction I was able to find someone who would go on a date with me. The first two bridges lasted until 7 years ago when I opted for implants. Not a straightforward job and it took a couple of years to complete.

I am on my 3rd Sterling kayak and have less into those boats than into that dental work. Heck, it cost more for that dental work than i have ever spent on a car. Boats are cheap. Dental work is expensive.


a little - er - a lot of both.

My dad used to say that I worked for a living to finance my expensive addiction - kayaking.
(current crop includes Sterling, Turning Point Boatworks, Tahe)

Throughout the years I’ve gone on several multi-month paddling trips. While on them, I neglected my teeth hygiene (my bad). I now have several implants (luckily - cost-wise - I had a lot of the work done by dental students (UF).


@3meterswell, hope you didn’t need liposuction to get into them. I’m a size 24 kayak. Glad to hear your dental work didn’t prevent you from having new teeth and Sterlings too.

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How did that date work out?