Counting down to my trip

I plan on starting my drive in exactly one month.

How far off is your summer trip? I still have a short list of to-do’s:
-Tune up my rack
-Arrange satellite phone

  • etc

We’re about six weeks out from the summer trip to Maine. 820 miles, hauling two kayaks on the trailer this time. We sometimes make it a long day and drive straight through but haven’t decided yet for this year. Straight through only works if we do it on a Saturday or Sunday to avoid the !$#&$$ traffic in Connecticut and Massachusetts. I-84 and 495 can be miserable.

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A long time. We do lots of local trips during the summer. But not to the coast! Rangeley, Moosehead are our destinations though I may take a boat to Camden while hubby is in woodworking school for a week.

Big trip all booked. Newfoundland for three weeks starting late August. With boats.

Its been a long time since we approached Maine from the South other than on a Sunday or mid winter. Haven’t had to being here.

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There is some really great paddling in Newfoundland. And lots of whales that pop up right next to you.

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We usually leave around 6 AM on Saturday to head north. Only 25 or so miles in CT, and we’re clear of Worcester, MA by 7 AM. Once we make it to the NH line (Where civilized driving starts), we can relax most of the time.

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Just returned from the Ozarks. (Northfork of the White and the Prongs on the Jacks Fork - about 600 mi from home.) Hope gas prices drop some before your countdown is done…
This time heavy rains and flooding curtailed some of the paddling and I had committed to a return date, but it was good to get out and fly a bit anyhow. I need to do more to get properly limber again. Tent is dry and I’m locked and loaded for another, though nothing as far away is on the docket for a while.
There were several Pnetters there for whom this was just a starting point for continued travels. Some came a good bit further than I - BradAK flew from Alaska to Idaho and drove to the Ozarks from there… I’ll leave the telling of their stories to them.
The time is at hand. Rivers beckon.

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Next May, 4 of us will be traveling to Moab, Utah, for a 10 day trip on the Green river and a short distance on the Colorado river. Over 2k miles driving for me.


This will be our third set of three weeks in NL… The North Sydney ferry is about 10 hours minus a time change… 9 hours. About the same distance as it is from here to Washington DC but way less traffic.

We like Bonne Bay and the Bay of Exploits and Burgeo… Terra Nova last time had a bloom of jellies so much that we were thankful for drysuit wearing to get out for lunch.

Bonne Bay is great paddling. I liked Twilingate, too. Haven’t been to the east side of NL, but would love to go there. Here’s one from Twilingate: