Couple pics from the beach...

Went down to Myrtle Beach last weekend…spent some time in my surf kayak doing some fishing. It was a blast…although I got burned to a crisp. I’d really like to upgrade to a bigger, true “fishing” kayak…I need more room to stay out of the way of the more “toothy” species…hehe… Here are some pics…

And for tiny-url-aphobes…the full link:


Nice size sand trout.

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That's a good eating sized one. Flesh is a little softer than speckled trout, so you cant freeze them except for fish stock, but they taste good fresh.

Sand trout huh? Man…I can’t keep my fish species straight… I thought it was a weak fish…?

Guess I need to study up… :slight_smile:


Heck, you probably call ling “cobia” too

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It's a Texas thang, we have different names for everything. Although, I always thought what east coasters called "weakfish" we called speckled trout. Sand trout and specks are closely related, but the lack of spots and the shape of the mouth makes me think that is a sand trout, not a speck.

Sand trout:

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