Courtios Creek - Missouri

My wife and I paddled the Courtios (the locals say coat-o-way) sunday afternoon. I took a couple of good photos and we had a great time.

We had to drag the boat a couple of times but other than that is was awesome.


Nice Pics
Gotta get up there sometime. I have so many options closer, I never get there or the Meramec. Thanks for the photo journey. WW

Great Pics----
How did you like the Colorado 300?? I’m looking at getting my first handheld GPS- seems that we float some of the same streams in MO and AR… Does that download capture all the streams in the Ozarks?

Garmin 300
There is a version that has all of the topo maps for the us loaded into it. I believe Colorado 400t. These are the 100k maps so I bought the Colorado 300 which only has the basemap and loaded ‘City Navigator’ and ‘National Parks Central 24k TOPO’

The detail on the 24k maps is probably a bit better than a 7 minute quad map. It’s awesome.

So yes the National Parks central has the Mark Twain National Forest so it pretty much includes all the rivers you’d float in Missouri.