Cover for Kayak (velcro question)

We just got cockpit covers for our Loon120 and Loon 126 kayaks. They have sewn on Velcro strips on the sides with a stick on mating part.

Anybody have advice on exactly where to put the stick on part of the Velcro? Up on the under side “lip” of the kayak, or on the flat side?

Any polite advice is welcome.



My experience with sticky velcro
is that it doesn’t hold for very long without some help.

Your best bet is to put the covers on the boats, then pin the strip that needs to be attached to each cover so you can find the best fit. Then sew it on. A sewing awl will make the job a bit easier.

On the other hand, my sticky velcro strips are several years old. Maybe they’ve improved the technology.

the kayak has

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lips ? where ?

interesting design. photos ? video ?

I Like Velcro.

However, Velcro holding large surface areas down over holes exhibiting air pressure differences top/bottom in a stiff breeze...

are not foolproof n we wonder why Velcro fastened covers exist.

but, who are we to question ?

usually the cover has a special fabric, fitting under the 'lip' in a sewn closed u shape, holding a perimeter shock cord. This holds the cover on the yak.

a second shock cord with a clasp at the bitter end fastens forward usually onto deck rigging shock cords

look to adapting at least the forward running cord to your hull from front top cover

Velcro etc
It has all you say, plus the Velcro on both sides about a third of the way down.

Best bet is to place the covers on the kayaks and see where the Velcro wants to be. Put it there. My guess is that it’s the underside of the coaming.

Strap that goes around?
Most cockpit covers I have seen have a strap that goes around the boat to ensure it stays on. Could the velcro be for that?

As a general rule…

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you probably want to put a strap fully around the boat and over the middle of the cockpit cover regardless of how those sticky bits work (I found them online and think I saw what you mean).

FWIW, our sea boats with much smaller cockpits and a pretty tight set of covers always went to Maine with a strap around the middle. It only happened once earlier on and the cockpit cover was hooked to the rigging, but we realized we were driving with a flapping cover at 60 mph. Highway speeds tend to loosen things up and you are talking quite large surface areas for the wind to go after.

I have a variety of strap lengths with buckles around, since I have gotten straps at times for a nice color without checking the length. I just use one of the shorter ones to help secure the cockpit cover.

color me skeptical
I’m not sure how long adhesive-backed velcro will stick to poly plastic. May last longer on composite. But the forces people describe on deck covers is not hype.

I have a deck cover that’s bungeed so it stretches over the cockpit lip (coaming) snugly, tight as a drum. I’ve still had it come off somehow, driving in a storm. Fortunately it has a loop in front like a spray skirt, so I just link that loop to the decklines to secure the cover while driving.