cover minwax polycrylic on paddle?

I’ve been brushing quite a few coats of ploycrylic (it was in the garage) on an old paddle. Should I add a few coats on top of something with UV protection such as spar urethane? Do you think it is worth the effort? Paddle will be stored inside. I am not an expert canoer, woodworker, or paddle collector – just found an old 6’ paddle that might work well for stern paddling a raft.

probably just go with it
You’re using an interior grade finish for, in the world of finishes, extremely harsh exterior use. The more recommendable marine grade finishes are much more expensive.

Perhaps just see how it holds up. Then sand and refinish with something more appropriate should it seem necessary.

I’ve found that inexpensive exterior
urethane varnishes work quite well. If you decide to use one, make sure the paddle surface is clean and free of oil, etc.