Cowboy re-entry?

cowgirl reentry?
Yes, thank you.

(awaiting censorship)

if the method does not come with
float bags you should get them.

As to the pungo it’s not that critical for most uses like the ones you describe.

But back when there was a green wave in the tidal race (was that in Cohasset ?) before the boulder moved I saw two amazing paddlers in pungos just ripping it up. I hope they had floatation to go with their massive skills.

Never judge someone by what they paddle.

I assume this manuever would also
involve reinserting yourself into the COCKPIT? :wink: Of course, if it’s getting rough, you’re getting tossed around and she’s really BLOWING ;), it may be difficult to CONSUMMATE :wink: this manuever. Perhaps a reentry and roll would put you into a better position to continue PADDLING :wink: your baby. The most important thing is that you both COME :wink: away from this unscathed.