CPAP recommendations?

I finally got a prescription for CPAP to reduce/eliminate sleep apnea and the associated fatigue and brain fog and will be fitted for a mask sometime in the next two weeks.

What mask type do you prefer and why?

I have a beard, but would be willing to shave it off, if I need to to get better results.

Thanks for feedback.

I had a CPAP years ago (a costly automated variable pressure one) and never could adjust to any mask I tried with it. I did not have serious or chronic apnea, only mild due to a structurally narrow windpipe (inherited from Mom and Grandma) that caused trouble during allergy seasons rather than being overweight or having other contributing issues. I do admit that I got a deeper and more energizing sleep at times with it (when and if I managed to fall asleep) but more often it kept me awake and left me sleep deprived night after night until I was eventually exhausted enough to go under. Found the masks terribly uncomfortable and the noise of the machine and the drying effect of the leaking air on my eyes pretty hard to tolerate. I scare the beJeezus out of the cats wearing that “Alien face leech” thing too.

Several people I knew recommended that I try the nasal plug types of masks, which would seem to be a good option for someone with facial hair too. Never did get around to trying one but I do see that there are some good sites that describe the pros and cons of the various styles that might help with selection:

You also need to consider that the machines and head gear need to be regularly cleaned so look at relative ease and expense of the various models.

Good luck with it – I would bet they have improved them since I got the one stashed under my bed 20 years ago.

Look at nasal pillows. If you have a tendency to breathe through your mouth, you might need a head band to keep your mouth closed while sleeping. I vary between nasal pillows and a full face.

My wife had a CPAP machine for a while. Now she wears a tooth guard that repositions her jaw and has mostly eliminated her snoring and oxygen debt. It’s an alternative worth looking into…but you need to find an experienced dentist for the fitting…

Actually, I switched to one of those too (from the CPAP) and it’s a whole lot easier. I do sleep better with that and have been told that it quiets my snoring. I molded my own with a PureSleep kit. Tried a couple of other brands and they did not work.

I got my nose fixed. CPap not required now.

The machines are very quiet now. Good luck. Keep it clean.

Thanks for the feedback.

Keeping them clean is a concern for me.

Having a tether on my restricting movement is a concern, since I change position a lot.

There certainly is a wide variety of mask styles and hose attachment options available.

I do have a beard, which may have to be shaved, if I need a full face mask, rather than one of the nasal styles.

Humidifier or no humidifier?

I tried one of the off-the-shelf mouth piece jaw repositioning units a couple years ago, but my dentist advised against the off the shelf options because they can permanently alter a person’s bite, so I stopped using it. I don’t recall if it helped. I haven’t tried a dentist fitted unit.

If I try a CPAP and feel more refreshed in the morning and alert during the day, I’ll likely tolerate the inconveniences for the benefits.

I just had my sleep clinic consult today today, so I’ve got a lot of research to do before my mask fitting in a week or two.

I’ve been using a CPAP for about a year now. I thought I would need a full-face mask because I used to sleep with my mouth open. Didn’t think I’d be able to keep my mouth closed at night. But it turned out that using the CPAP means I don’t have any trouble sleeping with my mouth closed, so I just have the nose cone. Bonus - no more dry mouth at night! My machine is basically silent. Humidifier is necessary for me because I have forced air heating and the house is dry during the NE heating season. As for the tethering, it’s a non issue. Pre-CPAP I also tossed and turned a lot. Now that I’m actually sleeping I seldom move. Good luck!

fduggan, that is encouraging :slight_smile:

My CPAP life began 2+ years ago. I’m sleeping better now without the frequent waking I was experiencing before the machine. My sleeping partner tells me my snoring is no longer an issue.

I have beard, closely trimmed, and don’t have any problems with a full face mask. I tried the nose pillows, but being a mouth breather these didn’t work. I’m using a ResMed AirSense 10 machine and an AirFit F20 face mask. This device has a humidifier. The hose connecting the mask to the machine is cleverly designed such that I have no difficulty turning over at night, never feel like any movement I make is constrained. If in reach of a cell phone tower the device makes a connection and uploads your sleep data which you can review later on the web. Nothing you need to do to make this happen, just keep it connected to power and within reach of a cell phone tower.

My experience has been good with this product and would recommend it based upon my experience. Would rather not be tethered to a machine at night, but it does give me, and my bedmate, a better sleep,

Waterbearer, thanks for that feedback. I’ll check into that unit.