Crab traps

Anyone ever try to haul a couple of crab traps on a kayak to take them out into a river or bay.

I have a oceankayak Malibu and I think I could load two on there, but I’m worried I might be top heavy. Other option is to put them on my second Kayak and tow them but worried for same reason.

What do they weigh
I hauled a 70 pound Loggerhead turtle on my rear deck (21" wide sea kayak).

We had it tied down pretty good, but every time it moved I had to throw some quick braces.

Another time I hauled a USCG wave and tide bouy that must have weighed even more, but at least that didn’t move.

On the deck, anything would be tricky if it is rough water

Jack L

Could you tie boat fenders too them
And tow them behind you?

Wether it would be too top heavy is a question of your bracing skills and water conditions, two variables everyone here knows absolutely nothing about.

Danielson 24" foldable traps
I have used Danielson 24" square foldable crab traps for a few years now for Dungenous and rock crabs in NorCal. Can put 2 folded up on my front deck of my touring kayak, or 1 at a time if I am launching through mild to moderate surf.

Here is a link to them on Amazon, so you can see what they look like:

In Vancouver area, I saw some neat looking ones made for kayaking from a company called Jolly Good traps, but never seen them in use.

crab traps
too true, not enough information. Amateur at this as much as kayaking.

This would be on the back bay of Ocean city MD and would generally only be in calm water.

The traps are my fathers traps and are not the collapsible kind. Not heavy (10lb max) just bulky, and they don’t move.

Think I’ll give it a try and see what happens.

Thanks for help


At that weight, you should be able
to carry as many as you can fit on.

Just make sure they are secured so they won’t slide off.

Jack L