crack in my paddle....

its in the aluminum sleeve that connects the two halves…started at the detent hole on the inner side…has not cracked yet on the outer side of the hole. Any suggestions? (PS: It’s a Waterstick & they are out of business).

try some two part epoxy
It is unbelieveable how strong that stuff is.

I used it on cross pieces of aluminum tubing with a wrap of fiberglass when I made a sliding seat for my canoe.

If you wrap a piece of epoxy saturated fiberglass cloth around it, and using rubber gloves smooth the strands of fiberglass down as good as you can get them.

Then a day later sand down all the jagged ends, and give it another coat of epoxy, I’ll bet it will last a long time.



I agree with the 2 part epoxy and cloth
I snapped a wooden shaft apart near the top section, with a diagonal split about 6" wide. I used 2 part epoxy and fiberglass cloth, in 3 applications, to repair it. It has held up over the years, although it looks like it has a bulge in it. Saved a nice bent shaft paddle. A couple of kids in an aluminum canoe wanted to ram my composite canoe at a picnic, and I did a reverse power stroke that snapped my paddle. They did ram my canoe, but that only put a scratch in the gelcoat. Happy paddling!

crack repair
Hey man basic fracture mechanics says that cracks start at flaws so cracks tend to want to grow at their edges so if you can take a small drill bit and drill a small hole right at the tip(s) of the current crack it can eliminate the weak area - that wants to grow - and then fill it in with some cool modern miracle glue like any good epoxy. Might give you a little extra insurance or better chance of the repair working.

I’d fix it the way the guy said…
…with the two holes.

But then I’d get a breakdown kit and turn it into

a spare.

Use as a tomato stake
Buy yourself a carbon shaft, lighter, paddle.

thanks to all…
…yes, I will be shopping for a new paddle regardless of how well the repair works, but I sure hope I get more than two seasons out of my next one.