crack in vinyl gunwale update

The topic was discussed at some length in 2008-2012. Any later updates? I have a 1975 OT Chipewyan Tripper 15 with a single crack in one vinyl gunwale. Old Town sells Partite 7301 methacrylate adhesive that I plan to use. As previous postings have suggested: carve a small trough along the crack and fill in as deep as the adhesive will go. Anyone have experience with Partite use for gunwale repair? Thanks, Bob

White gunwales?
I don’t know anything about Partite.

I had a Chipewyan from the 70’s. Might have been the same year, or perhaps a 74. The gunwales got some more cracks, I fixed the cracks with G-flex. Then I got some more cracks, several more. I got rid of the boat.

If you have the white gunwales, I think fixing the cracks is a waste of time. They’ll just develop more cracks, so, I recommend replacing the gunwales.


repair crack in gunwale OT 1975
You are probably correct! Thanks for the feedback…