Cracked canoe

Hello everybody. I am looking for some guidance on repairing my canoe. It is a Sawyer 222 cruiser in expedition Kevlar. I entered a little current too late and hit a rock broadside. It cracked in two places over an existing repair area. (The previous owner repaired this area where a rental user strapped down too hard to their car) It did not leak and later discovered one of the crack is inside the hull too.

After sanding off whatever was used to make the initial patch, I have a crack that will be gelcoated. On the inside, I will use a layer of kevlar and a layer of fiberglass.

I am wondering if it is necessary or possible to put a layer of fiberglass on the outside too, after the gelcoat has cured.

Is it a good technique to fill the inside crack with resin, then apply patches. Or just the patches

Thank you for your advice

I wouldn’t put a patch on the outside, especially if you are going to gelcoat it. You can use a little resin for fill on the outside before gelcoat of you want, but it isn’t necessary. The same goes for the inside. Typically a patch is all you’ll need on the inside.

Your expedition 222 is a classic boat! Enjoy it.

Thanks, it’s an amazing canoe. Can’t wait to take it on a camping trip. 3 dogs and 2 humans, thinking of naming it 16 Legs haha

Brought it inside the house to do the work as it’s still too cold. I hope it turns out okay!

Thanks for your advice

222 is a great boat. The knowledge that someone broke the spine with rachet straps is very discouraging.

I would fill the crack with marine epoxy thickened with a little microballoons. Sand it smooth. I would patch both sides because I suspect that this boat is more damaged than you think it is.