Cracked fingers - worth repeating.

When it is dry and cold my fingertips and knuckles split enough to bleed. I asked here last year and someone recommended Zim’s Crack Cream. The stuff is amazing. Overnight I get significant healing. There were other cures mentioned also, like Udder Cream, but I couldn’t find it.

Anyway, the cracks started this week and I’m glad I was prepared thanks to

Yeah, and
just leaving the container on your desk is a sure-fire conversation starter! ;^)

Bag Balm
Wha Ho, Chaped Pilgrims:

Nutter good poultice fer yer paws be ‘Bag Balm’ originally made fer bovine critter utters. Ye can git this in bigger drug stores such as CVS or Rite Aid. It be in a ol’ fashoon green can wit a pictoor o’ an utter on it. Works great… usin’ it fer many o’ year.

Fat Elmo

Bag Balm
Good Stuff!


Gotta Love Zim’s

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I'm the one who suggested this fine product.

My wife is a Pastry Chef and a Barrista and has terrible cracked finger problems cause by constant washing and exposure to heat. She tried a ton of different products before finding Zim's, but has very few problems since.

So where does…
one find Zim’s Crack Cream. Drug Store?

lanolin (anhydrous type)-- I buy the one pound container. Have tried just about everything else – and it is, for me at least, by far the best. Also works well as a preventative – before paddling in cold weather. Downside: sticky stuff. Upside: No problem keeping that grip on the paddle after that.


I used to have this problem
I solved my dry skin problems by changing soaps!

I started using Kirk’s Castile soap and my dry skin went away. No more cracked fingers. I may have just gotten lucky.

crack cream

I had an old girlfriend that used crack cream, I dumped her before I caught something nasty :wink:

Bag Balm
It works great and is made right here in Lyndonville,Vermont (my home town)

crack cream and bag balm
don’t over-do it or you might slip off your seat!

Nutregena Fisherman’s Product

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Neutrogena Norwegien Formula. This is genunely one of the best in the world for cracks and severe dry skin. It has no perfumes in it also, stays on very very well. Five years independent testing on fishermen. Actually works.

Crack creme has arnica in it, fine as topical agent, but there are negative effects reported if gets into tissues, bloodstream as reported during a medical wilderness training on being careful with OTC remedies.

Word to the wise on lanolin, it is highly allergic for some folks, even can cause systemic reacion, some products claim it is treated to be OK and is not. I had a person at 12,000 ft and 20 miles away from a highway develop a reaction I not knowing they had it along.
Not pretty.

If you can help it don’t let your hands get into a state of dry and cracked. My hands used to get dry and cracked too, but I was usually able to moisturize them back into shape until a couple of years ago it turned into Eczema. They are now chronically dry, itchy, split and quite painful. After a few doctors and many, many different hand creams I’m just plain screwed. So take care of those hands and don’t use things like Anti-Bacterial Soft Soap, I think that crap played a role in ruining my hands since I used it quite often at work.

Glue it!
Don’t laugh, but someone put Crazy Glue to my cracked finger once and it healed fantasticly and the pain dissapated almost imediataly. Not a prevention… but a great cure. Otherwise I use a product from my climber friends… it’s called ‘Climb On’ and it’s like an industrial strength bag balm and works very well.

It works
Glue is the way to go if you don’t have time for it to heal. The gel type works best.