Cracked hatch rim

Have two small vertical cracks in the foredeck hatch rim of a Tiderace Xplore-M. Suggestions on how to repair appreciated…

3m 5200…
…regular, one week cure version. Put in some sort of syringe and force into crack from both sides. Wipe away excess with lacquer thinner on a paper towel…BARELY MOIST…cover with blue painter’s tape and let sit one week.

Is the hatch rim screwed to the deck?
In my experience, most cracked rims occur on boats where the hatch rim is held in place with screws or rivets during installation. The cracks typically originate at a screw hole and radiate upward to the rim. The cause is fasteners that are too tight and split the mounting flange.

If this is the case, you will eventually have to replace the hatch rim, so I would just do it and get it out of the way. When you do, clamp the new ring in place instead of using screws or rivets. The rim will not crack again unless you do something silly like sitting or standing on it.