Cracked plastic bulhead

Hi folks!

I have discovered my rear bulhead has quite a long stress crack which leaks water into the day hatch area. Of course this is when I take on water into the cockpit :slight_smile: My boat is a glass Gulfstream which has a plastic bulkhead.

Repair? Anyone done it successfully? Best method?

Replace? Whom do I contact? Current Design best?

Thanks for the help!

How old is the boat?
Curiosity on my part. I didn’t realize until last year that CD had switched to plastic bulkheads in their composite boats. I’ve wondered how well they would hold up.

Contact Current Design
I’ve had very good experiences with them. They seem to be very concerned about customer service.

Good Luck

I think it’s…

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a 2001 GS. I mean, I bought it new from Derek Hutchinson at an LL Bean Paddlesports show at UNE in southern Maine. I suspect I torqued my tiedown straps too tight on the roof racks at some point. Boat's got many hundreds of miles on it.

Shoot... I THINK it's plastic... feels and looks like plastic... black... no showing of fibers around that'd indicate glass or other composite.

Yeh... it must be pastic!

And I mean "bulkhead" (fingers forgot the "K") Geesh!

no experience, but
if it was me…I would just try to Gorilla Glue it or use a generic epoxy. You know of those two tubes in one pack, $3 hardware store packages. Thrtr is one plunger that presses both tubes at once. I use that stuff on anything I find.

Then again…talking to the experts might be good too.


ABS and epoxy resins
They generally aren’t compatible.

If it’s just a stress crack…
…you can probably repair it. ABS is pretty easy to glue to with solvent based adhesives (like the ubiquitous “model airplane glue”). If you can find a piece large enough to cover the crack with a generous allowance around the edges, it shoud be a simple matter to glue it in place. If you’re really concerned, you could patch it from both sides.