Cracks in thermoform kayaks

I am considering buying a thermoform kayak but have read and heard about concerns re: hulls cracking on impact with rocks. I am looking at the Delta 17 and will use it for a 2 week expedition once a year plus day paddles here in Nova Scotia, I would appreciate any comments from users. Thanks. Mike

Go talk to Allan at Old Creel in Waverley as he sells Delta kayaks (and others).

Personally I think Nova Scotia - with all that rough granite around - is very tough on kayaks and I really baby my composite boats when I take them up to NS for a couple of weeks every summer.

I’m also a little leery of thermoformed construction having had two such kayaks that developed splits in the hulls with no rock impacts at all. Now that may be just a couple of isolated bad examples from one manufacturer (not Delta, not Eddyline) who got a bad batch of ABS sheets. Anyway, if I wanted boats specifically for Nova Scotia I’d be going with poly.