cracks in Walden Passage

I have a Walden Passage that is about three years of age. I am wondering if anyone else who owns this boat has had any problems with internal cracking. These are generally on the floor of the boat forward of the seat. They run with the length of the boat.

If you have noticed the cracking has it lead to external cracking?



Do you store it indoors or outdoors?

Walden cracking…
Ah’s seen that happen on quite a few Walden boats over the years. Theory is the semi-recycled plastic they used.

Fat Elmo

quality control
I think Walden ran into problems with their plastic because they bought it in small batches from different places. By the time they would notice problems with a particular batch of kayaks it was too late. A company like Old Town has the resources to buy their plastic in very huge batches so they can test it for problems and all the material will be consistant. So I think Waldens will very a lot boat by boat. I have a Walden Vista with no problems yet.

I would store it in your storage shed if you let me.

It is generally inside. When it is hauled on the car it is deck side up.

cracks in my Walden
Sounds like there have been more than one reason as to why they went out of buisness.

My wife and I kind of came up with the same conclusion in regards to the recycled plastics being used. Her Necky shows no such symtoms.

Thanks for the insight.


Just to add anecodotally to the record
my Walden Vista has had lots of use and some abuse, and is still in great shape. Don’t get me started on my Subaru, however . . .