Cradle for Kayak

Hello all,

I have a 6.1 meter kevlar Polar bear sea kayak and I am looking for ideas of how to carry it on my Ute. I am interested if people have built cradles to secure there kayaks in

Cheers hope you can help. A picture would be nice as well



Excuse the yanks who don’t know whate a UTE is. Try Thule cradles. I have used them for years and they work fine. If you have any questions e-mail me. Have a Bonza day mate. Vaughn Fulton

Ross Leidy’s site: a GREAT bldg. source:

Check out the above URL. At the left you will see Cradle as an option.

Enjoy the site…he builds beautiful boats and has come up with many innovative building approaches. A great guy.



supporting cradle

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Sorry about that, I am from the land down under.

I would like to put my kayak in a cradle to support the boat, then slide the cradle onto my roof racks.

the kayak is 6.1 meter and a picture is on my webshot site which includes a picture of my Ute



cradle stays with rack
Most of the racks we see here in the States have the cradle staying with the roof rack, and the boat placed in to this (rather than a cradle that attaches to the boat, which then would attach to the roof rack).

Yakima and Thule are the two big brands we have here, and both make very good products.

you mean the septics?


Thanks for that
I am going the other way as you say placing the kayak in a frame then placing the frame and kayak on the racks.